Only Single Dual Fisheye Image Loads Into PTGUI

I am a new user of the Theta V. From what I have been reading, using the Dual Fisheye Plugin seems to deliver better image quality. When I use the Dual Fisheye Plugin and then attempt to import into PTGui, only a single loads. I have looked through the Dual Fisheye Tutorial and downloaded the sample images as well as the Templates. When Ioad the sample image, 2 images are loaded, but when I load one I actual shot only 1 loads. Don’t understand, please help.

As this question relates to the dual-fisheye plug-in for THETA V, I am thinking of merging this new discussion with the topic below. The questions are related, but not exactly the same.

The short suggestion is to first refer to the the examples on the this topic (scroll down), then post screenshots and the dual-fisheye image are trying to use (you need to post the image on some place like DropBox or Google Drive due tot he size).