Introducing Street View Studio: The easiest workflow is coming to RICOH THETA users

8K 2fps can rec 25min (26 °C)
8K 10fps can rec 12min (26 °

auto loop rec = every 25min close rec , auto execute net rec

use ULANZI BG-3 can > 8Hour

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Wow, this is great real-world experience.

Thank you for sharing these details.

Have you tried to take multiple 8K 2fps videos at 25 minutes in sequence?

After the first 25 minutes at 8K 2fps, I’m assuming the camera is already warm and I’m wondering if it can take another 25 minute 8K 2fps video right after that? Or, do you need to cool it off after 25 minutes.

26C is roughly 79F

I went outside the office today in Palo Alto, California and I took a 25 minute 8K 10fps video using the battery inside the camera. The weather is cooling now and is now 71F, 22C.

video file size is 5.67GB


One interesting thing is that I found a possible new fishing spot on my test walk. If the conversion on Street View Studio works, I’ll send the link to my son.

In the meantime, I’ll wait for the video to complete processing.


my test report

8K 2fps 25min (25°C) / no battery in ThetaX / Power use Ulanzi BG-4

keep REC no stop to no space

25:01 X 8 (5.67G)
14:39 X 1 (3.32G)

Ulanzi BG-3 dump energy > 60%

if light single can show recording state ,I think it would be better.


@Juantonto , @craig , I think I could make this video for streetview studio work with Theta Z1 too… I’m checking required work needed but I’m not sure how much potential would there be. In theory if I could increase the resolution and at the same time to use HDR camera capture it would provide a good result. Not sure about FPS and resolution yet and not sure if I will proceed at all. I will create a very simple POC first. I’m able to provide GPS data for Theta Z1 in realtime and store. This is theoretical for now and a big question mark: is it worth it?

Also I think it may be obsolete as in Z1, at the moment its impossible to go beyond 4k resolution in video…? Because of this it may not make sense, unless Ricoh adds another, software media codec, that can encode beyond 4k in 2fps. :frowning:


Have you tried the official Google Streetview app with the Z1? @jcasman did some tests with it last week Thursday. The quality looked good to me.

I am new to using Google Street View Studio. How do I see all my uploads? In the example below, I can only see my upload by going to the map and clicking on the line. I can’t see my upload on a dashboard.

I recorded a 25 minute video using the internal battery, but not all of the video was converted into blueline.

There is a portion missing, maybe half of the video.

I may have had +EV compensation enabled, which might have made the frames too bright.

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I have the same issue. I have an email (appears to be automatically generated) from Google Maps that has a See Your Photos link, and I use that. But I can’t find my uploads without that link.

@jcasman , the images you uploaded look like “photo spheres” according to the legend on the map. Is there a way to get the Street View blue line using the Google Street View app with the Z1?

It looks like @Juantonto has the “Street View” blue line with the Z1 and not photo spheres.


The ones taken by Toyo with the Z1 appear to be blue lines, which according to the legend on the map are “Street View”


the new version of UL2GSV supports the THETA X video file format.

Beta v14: 2022-0926

  • Added TL2VID tool. Converts a timelapse video to a normal speed video. This enables timelapse videos recorded with the Insta360 X3, Insta360 ONE Series, GoPro Fusion and GoPro MAX cameras to be used with VID2GSV and VID2JPG.
  • Updated CAMM2GPX to support the Ricoh Theta X camera.
  • Updated CAMM2GPX to detect and fill GPS timestamp gaps greater than 5 sec.
  • Updated CHECK to provide more error information when available and to create a GPX file with the positions of the photospheres extracted by the Google Street View processing.
  • Updated the Readme file to include the above additions and updates.

Hi, @craig , no I didn’t try. It runs on a mobile phone and z1 connects to it via wifi? I will check… I pulled some configuration data from z1 and in theory it could cover 5.7k videoresolution, but should try.

Would it be possible to get root access for me from Ricoh, so that I could finetune a bit and do some experiments? There are system config files that I would liketo try to fi etune but without root acces cant write because of permissions. I refer to folder /system and its subfolders.

Do you know the gpu name and version in theta x?