List of RICOH THETA Apps

We can add MAGIX Video Pro X it can edit and stitch Raw Circular 360 Video even Ricoh THETA video :theta_s:
mind the names on MAGIX products are little confusing
EDIT found the English Version and changed the German YouTube link

Theta Stitching

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All right After two Updates now running MAGIX Video ProX
Version (UDP3)
UG code 8424 KAI we now have stitching Function and can create a 360 projeckt

@mrtheta you can use the Insta360 Air App for Android to create a movie like the rollword app does. Open 360 photo with the insta app and export it to local. Then you get the animation as an export option.
Here is the link to the Insta App:

And here is an example on Instragram:


GIMP image editor can be used to remove tripods or add logos for free, by installing 360° panorama plugins:


I use GIMP as my main image editor but haven’t tried the 360 degree panorama plugins yet. Good tip!

I’m going to try this GIMP Plug-In set for 360° panoramas. It supposedly contains 4 plugins helpful in 360° equirectangular panorama creation. Are these the ones you are using?

  • fill_zenith_nadir - fills transparent areas on the top and the bottom of the generated panorama with a gradient that smoothly connects to the neighbour pixels

  • panorama_to_zenith_nadir - converts panorama to editable form of zenith and nadir areas. This allows for easy editing, eg. patching, filling, placing a logo

  • zenith_nadir_to_panorama - converts back the editable zenith and nadir to panorama projection

  • set_google_plus_metadata - attach metadata needed to publish panorama on Google+

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Thanks to a suggestion from community members @michaelus, adding THETA LIVE, an app that does 4K 360° live video steaming to YouTube and Facebook.

From the app description on Google Play:

“An anyone-can-broadcast station”

Why not deliver 4K 360° live video via social media with a RICOH 360° THETA V camera?

Use a RICOH THETA V and a smartphone connected by USB cable (OTG). From the THETA LIVE app, you can do 360​​° 4K video H.264 live streaming, to Youtube and Facebook.

[Uplink ABR]
When uploading, depending on networks conditions, the upload ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) function decides the proper image size (bit rate)

Hi @jcasman

I came across this list on social and was looking for WalkInto on it but couldn’t find so thought of reaching out. WalkInto is used by panoramic photographers around the world to create rich Virtual Tours. The panos can be hosted on Google Street View, WalkIntos hosting (you get 500 MB free) or amazon s3 bucket. Free tours show advertisements, paid tours don’t. It supports equirectangular panoramic images. I believe it would be a good addition to this list. Please try it out when you get a chance.


Thanks for pointing Walkinto out! I’ve sent off email to them to ask if they support RICOH THETA. Do you know that they do?

When visiting a recent exhibition, the Ricoh team mentioned an app that would increase the onboard memory ( or allow it to be linked to an external hard drive). Is this now available for the Theta V?

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If you have a THETA V, you can get the plug-in for USB Storage. Here’s a guide created by community member @ZZChu - The video he made is pretty excellent:


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awesome - thanks Jesse. Does this invalidate the warranty though I wonder?

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@Rod_Davies - No, this does not! This is fully approved by RICOH. Again, it only works with THETA V and it’s external storage.

People in the community have figured out ways ways to crack open the case and add more storage internally. Those technique would indeed invalidate the warranty. I think these have all been done with THETA Ss.

Yes @jcasman WalkInto supports RICOH THETA

Added section on new RICOH THETA Plug-ins. You can get them now! Currently the new section is at the bottom, to clearly distinguish from other THETA apps. Will look to add more information and potentially move it to the top this week.

Hy all, i saw a few months ago a plugin for Theta Z1 that solved the bottom stitching line problem when shooting a simple HDR, it does not stitch the bottom perfectly. I’m not talking about RAW, just HDR . And i’m not talking about an app.
Theres a plugin that solves that but cant find it in this list.
Is there an updated list, or can anyone point me to the right direction?
In the attached picture i’m taking about the stitch line on the carpet, not the tripod.

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All the plug-ins are here.

I don’t recall a plug-in that changed the stitching or corrected the stitching problem at the bottom. However, it’s possible that it exists.

On the Z1 and V, there was an update to the firmware to choose different stitching.

I can’t find this parameter in the mobile app. Though, it is accessible by the Wi-Fi API. It’s possible that you can control this in the mobile app, but I can’t find it.

I’m not sure if this will solve your problem.

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Two hours to render a 6 minute 4K dual fisheye video, but there were numerous artifacts in the final equirectangular video. Waiting for Magix support to reply to email support request.

Thanks for this feedback. Please update on how the support thread goes.

Magix support replied back and requested that I run their “Syscheck” tool.
However, after downloading, Windows Defender flags it as a threat.
Scheduling a complete SSD backup before I attempt to bypass/override the warning and do the installation.

On a side note, still waiting for Ricoh support to reply back regarding an Android video file transfer issue with the “Ricoh Theta” app.

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