List of RICOH THETA Apps




If you have a THETA V, you can get the plug-in for USB Storage. Here’s a guide created by community member @ZZChu - The video he made is pretty excellent:



awesome - thanks Jesse. Does this invalidate the warranty though I wonder?


@Rod_Davies - No, this does not! This is fully approved by RICOH. Again, it only works with THETA V and it’s external storage.

People in the community have figured out ways ways to crack open the case and add more storage internally. Those technique would indeed invalidate the warranty. I think these have all been done with THETA Ss.


Yes @jcasman WalkInto supports RICOH THETA

New ListVR iPhone app for Real Estate uses RICOH THETA

Added section on new RICOH THETA Plug-ins. You can get them now! Currently the new section is at the bottom, to clearly distinguish from other THETA apps. Will look to add more information and potentially move it to the top this week.